Molenaar & Griffiths Incorporated is pleased to announce that going forward it will conduct business as Stroebel Singh Theunissen Incorporated – to be known as SST Incorporated. The firm now boasts a completely new and contemporary brand that reflects its values and business ethos more cohesively. This rebrand follows right on the heels of the firm’s membership to the Alliott Group, which was announced late in April. All of these transitions form part of the firm’s commitment to remaining a leader in innovation within the changing legal landscape.

Changes in the legal industry

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t technology or science that evokes change in human behaviour, but it is in fact the other way around. Consumers and the way they react and respond to their environments (and “things”) are constantly inspiring change in the industry.

The legal industry is no different. The way humans think, live and run various corporations are also transforming how lawyers need to conduct legal matters. Some of the most interesting changes as highlighted in a review compiled by The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) and LexisNexis, involve technology.

The internet is an unlimited source of information. It is not only growing the knowledge people have about their rights and their right to contest any injustices but also how they search for legal representation. Advanced technology is also making it possible for legal firms to collaborate and consult with a larger network of experts and conduct business faster, more efficiently and precisely.

With 61 years in existence, SST Inc. has survived and thrived across several decades, each decade more complex than the one before it. The firm has done this by remaining dynamic and by adopting advances in technology early on. So much so, that in collaboration with the firm’s technology partner, Enablerdotbiz, SST Inc. has developed a range of insightful interactive questionnaires to enable users to test the application of laws on their personal circumstances.

“If applied correctly, the right technology can be extremely advantageous to the legal industry,” says SST Inc. Director Louis Stroebel. “The adoption of innovative technology will not only save clients and practitioners precious time; it will also greatly enhance the service delivery experience to clients. Through the Enabler App, we are moving one step closer to tech-enabled legal assistance.”

About the new SST Inc. brand

The new branding more closely connects the visual language of the firm with its brand values of agility, innovation, excellence and approachability. The greys, sea-green and yellow, as well as fonts used, are more in harmony with these values as well.

Going forward, Stroebel says that clients can look forward to seeing the new branding applied in all their marketing campaigns including across all their social media platforms. “We are planning to execute a consistent delivery of relevant articles, podcasts and tech-enabled legal tools to ensure our clients obtain optimal value from our firm.”

The road ahead

 SST Inc. is a steadfast example of what can happen when change isn’t avoided but instead embraced. In a highly competitive and dynamic market, only the most robust and forward-thinking firms will remain relevant. As a member of the Alliott Group, and with a new refreshed brand identity, SST Inc. looks forward to leading the way ahead.

“In the short period since we became first law firm in South Africa to join the Alliott Group, we have already seen a glimpse of the immense value this membership can add to all of our clients. This membership is particularly unlocking value for our clients with multi-jurisdictional business interests and offshore structures. We are excited about the global reach our firm is obtaining through our affiliation with this outstanding global alliance,” Stroebel says.

All changes and transitions aside, the firm still places considerable value on their personal, client-centric approach to dealing with clients. The firm is known and respected for this since its inception in 1959, and it is something, Stroebel says, that will never change.