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Alliott Global Alliance expands to 80 countries

Alliott Global Alliance announces the expansion of its international alliance of independent accounting and law firms to its 80th country. Alliott Global Alliance (‘AGA’) has reached another milestone in its development by increasing the international coverage it can offer to clients and member firms to 80 countries. This announcement comes on the heels of law [...]

Buying property in South Africa as a non-resident

This article aims to assist foreigners or non-residents of South Africa to determine whether they can buy and invest in the real estate market of South Africa and what is to be expected before and during a property transaction. CAN A NON-RESIDENT BUY PROPERTY IN SOUTH AFRICA? South Africa has one of the most comprehensive [...]

Membership of a close corporation and death of a member

Many individuals in South Africa are still members of Close Corporations.  A Close Corporation  (“CC”) is what is known as a juristic person – in law it is regarded as an entity separate from the individuals who are members of it. One of the features of a CC which flows from it being a separate [...]

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The effect of the covid 19 pandemic on restraint of trade clauses

INTRODUCTION The Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc by causing enormous disruptions in the social and economic sectors of the country. The enforceability of restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts has now been brought into question, especially with so many people already struggling to survive and coping financially. In the recent judgment of Oomph [...]

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Drowning in debt? Voluntary surrender and what you need to know

INTRODUCTION With the Covid-19 pandemic taking the world by storm, more individuals are facing economic hardship than ever before. It is thus no secret that various South African households have also fallen on hard times due to a collapsing economy amid this worldwide pandemic. The ensuing financial crisis have caused individuals to become trapped in [...]

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